Uni Subjects

University is a vast adventure, one that can be seen and lived through my writings on this blog, as I explore content from all aspects of communications and media.  Click on the First Year, Second Year and Third Year links below (or in the menu above) to find blog posts from each year of study.

Featured Image: Kris and myself filming a video for “Five Second Summaries”, Feb 2017. (P.S. check out our 5SS project under the #bcm112 and #digc202 tabs!)


First Year

Although I’m currently a second-year student and BROOKIYUKI has changed drastically since its origins in 2016, my work from my first year as a communications and media student is still available on my blog.

Second Year

As I move into my second year of my Communications and Media degree, the newest subjects to hit the blogosphere are focused on creativity, expression and reflection.

Third Year

Third year subjects are a whole different breed – they are opening up my mind to a more intuitive understanding about myself. Most of this content will be self-reflective, so prepare to read a lot of personal insights!