Going Dark Pt. 1

From the safety of my bed, I watch the sunlight ripple across the bedroom floor.  It spreads like a pool of molten gold, dripping and covering the piles of clothes on the floor.  It reaches the stack of unwashed plates, the dirty mugs, the wrappers that fell just short of the rubbish bin.  In this… Continue reading Going Dark Pt. 1


Story – World of Gold

A 500-word story I completed in English Extension in high school, from the prompt "young adult dystopia".  I based the story on my extensive knowledge of YA literature (I am not ashamed to admit that I love teen angst), drawing on stories such as Matched, The Hunger Games and Uglies. Oh and in case you haven't figured it… Continue reading Story – World of Gold


Story – The Things One Notices

The Things One Notices is a Sherlock fanfiction, written after I watched the British TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  I was obsessed, and I shipped them (if you don't know what shipping is, look it up).  Please forgive me this little indulgence! The Things One Notices When he had woken up, all… Continue reading Story – The Things One Notices