Going Dark Pt. 1

From the safety of my bed, I watch the sunlight ripple across the bedroom floor.  It spreads like a pool of molten gold, dripping and covering the piles of clothes on the floor.  It reaches the stack of unwashed plates, the dirty mugs, the wrappers that fell just short of the rubbish bin.  In this … More Going Dark Pt. 1

Story – Gifts

Gifts is a little brainchild that was born from elements from some of my favourite books.  The main setting of the story was inspired by my all-time favourite book The Name of the Wind.  The kind baker was inspired by The Hunger Games.  The idea of a glowing dagger that radiated evil thoughts was inspired by I Am … More Story – Gifts

Story – Ambitious

Ambitious is a story I wrote for my Year 11 English Extension 1 major work.  I had to cut a chunk of action out of the second half to get the story under the word limit, and unfortunately I never got around to rewriting it.  Nevertheless, here is Ambitious. Just for clarification:  As my story is set … More Story – Ambitious