…somehow I ended up reading about linguistics, and it was here that I came across a French word that immediately sparked my interest and proceeded to spread across my social media accounts.  The word is déspaysement, and it means to feel disorientated in a foreign country – not in a good or bad way, but more in the sense that one feels like a fish out of water. … More Dépaysement


The Other “V” Word

There’s no way of sugarcoating it – Valentine’s Day is a bitch, for couples and singles alike. From someone who isn’t all that good at either, here’s a few words on one of the more polarising days of the year. … More The Other “V” Word

Finding Fear in the Purple Prose

Since the beginning of brookiyuki I’ve subscribed to many of my friends’ blogs.  A part of being subscribed means that I get a cute little email in my inbox every time one of them composes a blog post – always thoroughly profound and enlightening to read.  And every time a little push notification pops up with their newest piece, I feel just a little more guilty and a little more nervous. … More Finding Fear in the Purple Prose

Feeling the Pinch

Every uni student will be familiar with the ‘pinch point’ of the semester; that moment when we look at everything that needs to be done and think, “Shit, how did I end up in this situation?”. It’s the moment when we realise we have piles of work still waiting to be given the TLC they deserve. … More Feeling the Pinch

A Perfect Year

Isaac, it’s been a year since we met, and it’s been the best year of my life. (Well, my time at uni and my new friends have contributed to that ‘best year’ as well, but for the sake of keeping this post cute I’ll focus on you.) … More A Perfect Year