Brooke vs. The World, Leeds Exchange

On the Flip Side

I'm over the halfway point in my exchange journey now!  It truly has been just as beautiful and exhilarating as my social media would have you believe.  The places, the people and the experiences are unlike anything I can truly express in words. This blog post isn't about all that, however.

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Five Weeks in Leeds

Has it been that long already? How I've survived five weeks on my own in a foreign country is beyond me, but I managed to write all about how I've been coping with the changes and challenges it's brought.

Brooke vs. The World, Leeds Exchange

The First 24 Hours

Studying abroad has been a dream of mine since I was in high school.  It was one of the reasons I selected UOW and something I've been working towards my entire university life.  This January, my dream became very real as I embarked on the trip of a lifetime - to study in Leeds, England for six months.