BCM110, BCM112

The Last Supper (Lecture)

So I've recently discovered that the Preview program on my Macbook Pro can cut around photos like Photoshop... naturally I've spent an hour messing around and coming up with the beautiful image above.  First of all, I haven't won anything (yet), I've simply been nominated to win a few awards in our BCM110 and BCM112… Continue reading The Last Supper (Lecture)



One of the most interesting, dangerous and compelling parts of new mediums and the Internet is our online persona.  Our online persona is the side of us we choose to display, curate and present to the world.  They could be based on ourselves, on our secret desires and behaviours, or be completely different - the… Continue reading PewDieHide


Someone Take the Camera off the Baby…!

As technology becomes more and more widespread, it is safe to say that nearly everyone has a smartphone on them.  This smartphone becomes the tool of the "citizen journalist", with Internet access to share information or opinion, plus a camera to take videos and photos.  And with no filter over what can be shared on… Continue reading Someone Take the Camera off the Baby…!


Annotated Bibliography

Myself, along with three others in my BCM112 class, have collaborated on our Digital Artefact and created Five Second Summaries.  It's a Vine-based presence where we summarise aspects of our lives (primarily university-based, but also our extracurricular activities) into a short entertaining video.  We also have a presence on our Facebook page, and on Twitter through the… Continue reading Annotated Bibliography



Digital art has come about through the manipulation of materials - tweaking and transforming it into something new.  Glitch art is an example of this craft making, and it is surprisingly easy to do, even for someone like me with no experience.  Instead of cutting and pasting images together on paper, or developing negatives in different… Continue reading G~L~I~T~C~H


Pro’s and Con’s

"Prosumer" - the new buzz word in regards to media audiences.  Audiences are no longer simply consumers; their role in the media industry has evolved and changed alongside the convergence of media.  Content is more accessible to audiences, and they can even create their own.  Voila!  A prosumer - an audience member that interacts and creates their own… Continue reading Pro’s and Con’s


Copyright – Cage or Creativity?

Ok, so maybe corporations aren't as evil as all that.  But copyright can mean many different things depending on the position of the individual. Copyright's intentions are to protect the integrity of someone's ideas by allowing them to limit access or use of their original work.  Companies can use the laws to stop others using songs, sections of… Continue reading Copyright – Cage or Creativity?