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The Last Supper (Lecture)

So I've recently discovered that the Preview program on my Macbook Pro can cut around photos like Photoshop... naturally I've spent an hour messing around and coming up with the beautiful image above.  First of all, I haven't won anything (yet), I've simply been nominated to win a few awards in our BCM110 and BCM112… Continue reading The Last Supper (Lecture)


Game of Thrones – Who’s King of Australian Media?

Forget Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens - we've got Rineharts, Packers and Murdochs battling to claim every slice of media they can and come out on top in the fight for the Australian media throne.  Simply put, the media industries are becoming more and more powerful; as we see an increase in channels of information, there is… Continue reading Game of Thrones – Who’s King of Australian Media?


The Rise of The Couch Potato

From the first showing of the Lumière Brother's "L'arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat", film and television has been a fully immersive and collective experience for those watching.  This is the beginnings of the "media audience" -a group that together, in one place, shares an experience with one another. However, as the medium… Continue reading The Rise of The Couch Potato

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The beginning of something wonderful.

FEFO - "Fail early, fail often".  It's a term my lecturer threw around last Monday in my first ever university lecture, encouraging us to try everything without hesitation, and move on from our failures.  Therefore in the spirit of FEFO, I present to you BYUKI - my first ever experience as a blogger and a public online presence.