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Literature Review – Finding Catharsis in Narrative

Writing is an incredibly emotional and profound process, which involves us spilling our hearts and souls into our narratives. When we use our traumatic experiences as the basis for our writing, it can lead to a cathartic release of emotion, as we face these uncomfortable and difficult experiences again through the written word.

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Why is Japan So Important to Me?

In Year 10 I went on a study trip to Japan with my class.  It was my first trip overseas without my family and needless to say, I was very nervous about the whole experience. However, looking back on this trip I view it as my moment of epiphany - the transformative moment when I knew Japan would have a place in my future.


ゴジラ – Exploring Japan Through Film

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I am a little behind the pack on this one, but here it is nonetheless – my reaction to watching the classic Japanese film Godzilla in class, whilst live-tweeting the experience.  The tricky thing about writing last is that all the most profound and insightful discoveries have already been stated by others, so I’ll be using my tweets to guide my response.

Godzilla, or ゴジラ as it is written in Japan, is one of the most iconic 海珠 (kaiju, or monster) films of all time.  I’ll admit that despite this, I’ve never seen the original, only the Hollywood remake featuring Bryan Cranston.  I have also never watched a black and white film outside of high school English studies – damn you, To Kill A Mockingbird!

I don’t know why I’m so surprised, to be completely honest.  As a white, atheist Australian woman with no direct links to anything across…

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