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Bonds Formed on Tuesday Afternoons

BCM311, you have been the toughest class I have ever taken.  No exaggeration, no word of a lie. When I stepped into my first BCM311 class I could never have predicted the turmoil that was to follow.  The truth is, this semester has been the hardest so far, regardless of my classes.  To combat increased mental… Continue reading Bonds Formed on Tuesday Afternoons


Naturally Digital

My second coding assignment is inspired by the possibilities of the Perlin noise code.  When we were first introduced to this code in our MEDA102 tutorial, I was fascinated by the way a computer can craft something so natural and realistic through coding.  I decided to abstract this concept of the natural vs the man-made… Continue reading Naturally Digital


Culture-Tinted Glasses – Japanese Attitudes towards Foreign Exchange Students

It seems that in terms of foreign exchange students studying at Japanese universities, the native Japanese struggle to understand how to cater for these visiting students, regardless of whether they are interested in engaging or not.  This discovery is supported by the digital presence of Japanese unis, both of which leave much to be desired.

BCM311, Personal Life

Finding Fear in the Purple Prose

Since the beginning of brookiyuki I've subscribed to many of my friends' blogs.  A part of being subscribed means that I get a cute little email in my inbox every time one of them composes a blog post - always thoroughly profound and enlightening to read.  And every time a little push notification pops up with their newest piece, I feel just a little more guilty and a little more nervous.


Becoming a Gaijin Girl

I came into this subject knowing I wanted to focus my studies on Japan.  The country has fascinated me ever since I began studying the language in high school, and that passion has not dwindled over the last 8 years.  I hope to work with and among the Japanese in the future, perhaps even working… Continue reading Becoming a Gaijin Girl


Literature Review – Finding Catharsis in Narrative

Writing is an incredibly emotional and profound process, which involves us spilling our hearts and souls into our narratives. When we use our traumatic experiences as the basis for our writing, it can lead to a cathartic release of emotion, as we face these uncomfortable and difficult experiences again through the written word.