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Feeling the Pinch

Every uni student will be familiar with the ‘pinch point’ of the semester; that moment when we look at everything that needs to be done and think, “Shit, how did I end up in this situation?”.  It’s the moment when we realise we have weeks worth of readings unread, essays unwritten and assignments still waiting to be given the TLC they deserve.  Trying to catch up becomes a monumental task when it’s coupled with our daily lives, filled with work shifts, social gatherings and family arrangements.  Being the incredible powerhouses that uni students are, we will always manage to get everything completed and still make it out for a couple of drinks on Thursday nights.  Neglecting sleep to get that assignment finished the night before?  Just buy yourself a double-strength coffee the next morning – voila, fixed!

In order to keep on top of our lives, we students will readily sacrifice our general health and wellbeing.  For myself, 2:30 am bedtimes are nothing new and neither is surviving on whatever food is easy to eat and within arm’s reach.  This past semester break, in particular, was meant to be a catch-up week for me to get on top of all the assignments I had to complete.  Instead, my work rostered me on almost every day and I was forced to forgo the study in exchange for late nights and a hectic environment (I work in a restaurant as wait staff).  I wasn’t used to this constant schedule, and when all my spare time at home was taken up with study and assignments, I barely had any time to look after myself and consider the impact my rushing around, bad eating habits, lack of exercise and late nights could have on my health.

Long story short, I finished all my assignments and got to work on time.  But I am currently at home with a running nose, sore throat, mouth full of ulcers and a cough that sounds like I’ve been smoking two packs every day for 30 years.  My sleep pattern is also out of whack; I get tired around 5:30 pm and want to nap, only to perk back up at 10 pm, which is both annoying and detrimental to my sleep.

Right now, my priority is giving myself some TLC and getting my health back on track. So, with that in mind, these are my tips for some self-love:

  1. Take a bath, preferably when you have lots of time to relax.
  2. Make some tea with honey and lemon (lots of honey for a sore throat, lots of lemon for a blocked nose).
  3. Catch up on a good TV series, but get up between each episode and move for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Go for a jog, either in the gym or just out and about.  Some light cardio will help get your blood flowing faster and help you sleep.
  5. Do something nice for yourself!  Personally, I dyed my hair blonde (although it took a toll on my bank account, I don’t regret it now)

Us uni students have a pretty full-on life when you think about it, and we need to take care of ourselves lest we burn out.  After all, with the end of the semester only 6 weeks away, it’s only going to get more frantic from here on out.  Take this as a reminder to start that research paper early! xx


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