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Back to the Grind

Well, it’s that time of year again.  All the wonderful holidays are done and dusted and we’re required to sadly accept that our life revolves around routine once again.  After celebrating Christmas, New Year’s, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, my partner’s birthday and soon to be my own (the day before uni goes back), I can say that I got used to a whole lot of the good life.  Not to mention the casual nights out and nights in with friends…


Drinks all round at Mr Crown (not all for me, unfortunately)

Although it’s sad of course, it’s actually a small relief that uni is back again for 2017.  Being a second-year means that I have a grasp on what my future year of studying will entail, and I’ve finessed my knowledge on what to do and what not to do.  For example: yes to starting assignments early, no to nights out when assessments are due and having to write essays through the pain of a hangover.  Hopefully, with my newfound knowledge by my side, I’ll have the tools to take on and succeed this year (or at least scrape a pass).

This semester I’m taking on BCM212, the mandatory subject for my degree (Research Practices in Media and Communication).  I’m also choosing MARK221 (Public Relations Concepts) for my Marketing major, MEDA101 (Intro to Media Arts) for my Digital Media major, and CAOS203 (Videography) as my elective.  They all sound interesting to me and I’m excited to see how the year goes.

See you in a week, fellow bloggers and BCMS friends!  xx

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