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Help – Why Write?

I just finished the most monstrous essay of my life, and I need help.

The essay was only 1000 words, sure, but being me I left it all to the last minute.  Not kidding, I got it in one minute before the deadline.  I threw up a little bit in my mouth, that’s how stressed I was.  Now I have to try and start my assignments for next week… or I could procrastinate by writing another blog post about why I’m the world’s largest procrastinator.

So how is it that me, being the world’s largest procrastinator, can churn out personal blog posts and creative stories of 1000 words plus in less than half an hour, but struggle so much trying to put strings of words together in a piece of academic writing?  It’s not that the content doesn’t interest me – I wouldn’t be here studying it if I didn’t.  It’s not that I don’t like writing about it, and I’m about 102% sure the writing itself isn’t the issue.  It’s not just essays either, I’m about a mile behind on my blog posts for DIGC202.  I’m a perfectionist, so it’s not as though I couldn’t care less about the quality; in fact, when I work last minute I tend to overwrite and most of my stress comes from cutting out enough words to fall back inside the word limit.

So what is it that’s hardwired into me that causes me to put these things off until the deadline is staring me in the face, and I have to die a little in order to write them?  And how can I uninstall it?  Consider this an official SOS – I need help.


2 thoughts on “Help – Why Write?”

  1. Just once, do an essay as soon as you can then bask in the glory of being able to put your feet up and do what you like. When you get used to that feeling it will become a habit. Get the shit stuff out of the way first.
    Having said that, I started today without a plan and have done a bit of a presentation, a bit of a blog, some Twitter stuff and various other small things that don’t add up to very much. Procastination is good sometimes.

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  2. It’s always easier to write something creative because it was our idea, we want to do it. Essays are fine and dandy, but when it’s for homework, for school, you shut down. You’d rather be doing other things than homework.
    I know this is easier said than done, but once you get an assignment, work on it right away for a little bit. Give yourself a half hour or so each day to get it done. You’ll get it done with plenty of time to spare, you’ll have enough time to work creatively in between, and you’ll train your mind to balance between the two.
    I hope this helped.


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