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10 Weeks From Now…

… I will have finished my first year of uni.  It’s a huge milestone that’s come about awfully quickly, and part of me still feels like a complete novice in the world of tertiary education.  I’m still an avid procrastinator (why else would I be writing this blog post?), dread in-class essays and cannot Harvard reference to save my life, so how can I be almost at the end of my first year as a responsible adult?

I guess I have achieved some things that I am proud of this year, and help remind me that I am not as incompetent as I feel sometimes.  Most notably so far:

  1. I have scored myself a part time job at Lagoon restaurant,
  2. I have survived a week on my own and not burnt down the house,
  3. I am in a steady relationship with my lovely boyfriend Isaac,
  4. I am no longer taking regular antidepressants, and
  5. I am taking part in a campaign to raise money for mental illness in the Illawarra.

So while I might not be the most studious or organised person in the world, I’m not completely terrible at this whole “adulting” business.  And 10 weeks from now, I will hopefully have achieved even more:

  1. Finished my final exams for first-year uni,
  2. Organised my first holiday without my family (going to Melbourne with Isaac),
  3. Saved enough money to be in a stable financial position,
  4. Maintain a credit average in my degree,
  5. Learn something new of my own initiative rather than through my classes, and
  6. Raise over $750 for my mental health fundraising campaign.

Fingers crossed! ^_^

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