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The beginning of something wonderful.

FEFO – “Fail early, fail often”.  It’s a term my lecturer threw around last Monday in my first ever university lecture, encouraging us to try everything without hesitation, and move on from our failures.  Therefore in the spirit of FEFO, I present to you BYUKI – my first ever experience as a blogger and a public online presence.

A bit about me and why I’m here?  Well, my name is Brooke and I’m a first year uni student at UOW, studying a double bachelor degree of Communication / Media Studies and Commerce.  Hopefully one day I’ll end up working as a manager or public representative for a multinational corporation, and help to make the wonders of the world a little more accessible.  I’m a reader, skiier, dreamer, filmmaker wannabe, traveller, over-user of commas, social creature and a purebred Aussie with my toes in the sand (despite the lack of a tan).  I’m fresh out of high school last year, and the transition to uni is both easier and harder than I thought it would be.  Pros:  no uniform, interesting classes, meeting new people.  Cons:  self-motivation is not my strong suit.

This blog is a product of my communications course BCM110 and my digital media course BCM112 (as well as my Twitter account, which I’m still struggling with…).  Our lecturers Sue (BCM110) and Ted (BCM112) talked to us about the convergence of media and technologies, issues and audiences and their importance to media, and making ourselves more accessible to the public domain online.  Honestly, the thought of putting myself out online is nerve-wracking, but also terribly interesting, and (dare I say it?) exciting to see what I have to offer the Internet, and it to me.

I’m still a little lost as to what I’m meant to be doing, but please bear with me!  I promise that I’ll get better at this with time.


Brooke xx

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